About Grounded inSanity

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Grounded inSanity

The picture you see on this page is from an eight-day river rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. Honestly, that trip was Grounded inSanity. We ran rapids that could flip our boat and, without pause, carry us into the tumultuous rapids. Yet, we had skilled crew at the helm and I never really felt afraid. Crazy, but grounded.

Grounded inSanity has come to make sense to me in my daily life in two ways. First, we can somehow have a sense of the divine in our lives. Crazy, but if true, life changing. And, second, the Enneagram can help us understand how we do life and, wonderfully, how we will do life when we are crazy free to really be who we are. Insane? Absolutely! But, grounded in truth? You bet!

As such, I’m committed to Spiritual Direction and Enneagram coaching as two means of bringing Grounded inSanity into your life and mine.

In the canyon with my wife Ann